Miiko Simplicity Serum


30ml Bottle

Face Moisturizer for sensitive skin

Made in Victoria BC

All Natural

The Benefits of the Luminous Serum

It might seem counter intuitive to use an oil based product to treat acne and oily skin types. But have you ever heard of the phrase “fighting fire with fire”?  Your skin naturally produces oil. When it is chronically stripped of its oil with harsh soaps or oil-free products, it will go into overdrive to try and balance its oil production.

Introducing organic jojoba oil into your skincare routine will help signal to your skin to stop the overproduction of oil.  Start out with a small application on your skin. Overtime experiment with a normal (blueberry sized) amount to find your ideal moisturizer measurement.

The essential oils in this blend are acne fighting all-stars. Notably the organic turmeric essential oils and organic palmarosa essential oils are effective at killing bad bacteria and reducing inflammation on your skin.

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