DarDars Handknits – Organic Cotton/Linen Reversible Hat


Eco conscious fashion for everyone!
Made on Vancouver Island
Organic Cotton – Bamboo

These modern fun hats are reversable! Find one that you like both side of and mix up your outfits. You get two looks in one hat, PLUS they are double thick so twice as warm.

Yarns Dardars uses:
Organic cotton, organic linen, bamboo, Tencel, modal, cotton with copper or silver thread infusion.

We avoid ‘industrial’ materials, preferring fair trade through co-operative groups, and well documented organic growers. When possible we use locally grown plant fibre.

Yarn Suppliers:
We support local business and within Canada, and enjoy a well researched and transparent relationship with our suppliers. Dyes used are natural, plant-based and non toxic.

Packaging, promotion, tags and needles we use are mostly 100% natural or recycled.


Blue/Green, Brown, Red/cream fleck, Rose, Yellow, Black-Brown, Black-Mauve, Black-Orange, Black/Gray Fleck, Blue- Green, Blue-Beige, Blue-Cinnamon, BlueFleck-Orange, Brown-Black, Caramel-Grey, Charcoal Mauve, Cinnamon – Green, Copper-Green, Fern-Laurel, Forest-Blue, Gray-GrayFleck, Green-Black, Hyacinth-Blue, IceBlue-Cream, IceBlue-GrayFleck, Lavender-Gray, Lt Blue-Silver, Mint, Multi Blue, Multi Green, Multi Lilac, Multi Mauve, Olive-Gray, OliveFleck-Black, Orange-Cream Fleck, Pastel Blue-Ash, Pink-Silver, Pistachio, Red-Cream Fleck, Red-Red Fleck, RedDble-Fleck, Silver-Grey, Tan-Blue, Tan-Silver Fleck, Wisteria-Mauve Fleck


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