Salish Sea

Purposeful Plant-Based Support

Salish Sea Botanicals exhibits a refined model of care and wellness for the whole body. Our skin is our largest organ and, while acting as our barrier, also absorbs a portion of what we put on it. As well, what we ingest impacts our skin and overall health.

With such a holistic approach, each element of our products are curated with intention and purpose.

It begins on the Salish Coast, where I’ve spent the majority of my life exploring, foraging, and creating local cuisine. I hold and have always held a passion for wellness — either through practicing as a psychiatric nurse, discovering plant-based medicinals, or unearthing recipes for cultivating a healthy gut biome.

Wherever my interests take me, there is always an underlying essence of well-being. My daughter has also seemed to integrate this value in her life through her practice as a clinical counsellor and art therapist. We together navigate this ongoing journey of sharing our learnings and revelations of what both Earth + Sea offer us.

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