Soap Exchange

Ecotopia Naturals is the Saanich Peninsulas only Soap Exchange dealer providing a comprehensive collection of 100% Canadian-made biodegradable products for the conscientious cleaner.
The Soap Exchange is primarily refill products as a way to reduce waste from plastic containers. When ranking the “Three R’s” we believe that Reduce, and Re-Use is far better than Recycling single use plastics.

We have disabled online ordering of the Soap Exchange Products due to the increasing cost of shipping and to promote refilling containers.   We are still offering free delivery for all soap exchange products to the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria. We will still ship products to you if refilling is not an option, but we will need to factor in the increased cost of shipping these heavy items. Please contact us directly, [email protected] or 778-426-3088, if you have any questions or wish to arrange delivery or shipping.

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