Stain Free


Price includes $1 Bottle Deposit

Safe alternative to chlorine bleach-based stain removers.
Best for removing coffee, blood, and wine.

Soap Exchange Procedure during Covid-19 Pandemic.  We are offering free delivery for all soap exchange items to the Saanich Peninsula.   The prices on the website include the bottle deposit.  You can return the bottles to the store to refill or get the deposit refunded.  We refill any bottle in store.  If you would like to refill but do not wish to visit the store please call 778-426-3088 for options.

Stain Free is a great all-in-one stain remover. While it is mainly used on laundry, this potent stain remover can also be used on carpets or even upholstery. It is formulated with peroxide, making it a safe alternative to chlorine bleach-based stain removers, while still being capable of removing more difficult stains like coffee, blood and wine.

Stain Free is both color safe and fabric safe, so your clothes, upholstery and carpeting are in good hands. This tough-but-gentle stain remover is not a concentrate, so you can just apply it to any stain directly from the bottle.

Stain Free comes in a 1L refillable bottle, so you not only have more than enough to work with at any time, but you can also refill the bottle as needed, saving you from wasting money and saving the environment from extra plastic waste.

Remember that with any stain remover it is wise to do a colour fast test in an inconspicuous area if possible.

Bottle Size

1L, 500ml

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