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Ultra Fresh Fabric Softener

500ml $4.99   –   1L $9.99   –    Bottle Deposit $1


We have disabled online ordering of the Soap Exchange Products due to the increasing cost of shipping and to promote refilling containers.  We are still offering free delivery for all soap exchange products to the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria.  We will still ship products to you if refilling is not an option, but we will need to factor in the increased cost of shipping these heavy items.  Please contact us directly, [email protected] or 778-426-3088, if you have any questions or wish to arrange delivery or shipping.

Ultra Fresh is a highly concentrated liquid fabric softener that is available scented as well as unscented and dye-free for those with scent or dye-based sensitivities. Ultra Fresh can be used in the washer or in the dryer, or in both places if you want to put a little extra “oomph” in your fabric softening.

To use it in the washer, simply pour some Ultra Fresh in the fabric softener dispenser and run your washing machine as normal. To use it in the dryer, simply spray some onto a clean wet rag and then toss that rag into the dryer with the rest of your wash load. That rag can then be used over and over again by occasionally spraying more Ultra Fresh onto it, thus replacing the need for dryer sheets. With either method, 15-30ml is usually all that is needed, so even a 500ml bottle (also available in 1L bottles) will go a long way.

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1L, 500ml

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