Echo Verde

Verde: is Italian for green*
At Echo Verde they believe that what they do should have as little impact as possible on the earth and enrich the lives of the people who make them, sell them and wear them.

What impacts at one end of the line will impact at the other… or “echo” through the chain. With that in mind, Echo Verde uses only textiles that leave a “greener” footprint.

They produce in ethical conditions and pay fair living wages. They are a small enterprise and do not mark up to high margins as they believe organic should be available to everyone. In the context of supply and demand they hope that this in the end will drive up the demand for organic in the marketplace and allow for prices to lower on organics over time.

Echo Verde is based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. They make “slow fashion”, classic clothing for women in natural and organic textiles, and believe in ethical business practices, sustainable production, and connecting and forming relationships with retailers and suppliers.

Eco Organic Beautiful
The company was started in 2009 by Jane Nemis as a way of taking her 30+ years in the industry of fashion and translating them into something that helps the environment! A self-described “eco warrior” Jane has 18 years experience in designing and producing eco and organic textiles and garments, inspecting factories and ensuring compliance to fair trade standards and forming relationships with smaller, family owned factories. See more about our factories and labour here:

Jane continues to work with textile and yarn suppliers to create new and better fabrics, cleaner production methods and sustainable products that last. See our Values page for more information:

If you have any questions about us, we would be happy to answer them and we love hearing from you!

We hope you like our collections and enjoy wearing our clothing and thank you for helping us leave a smaller footprint.

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