Covid-19 Store Policy

Update during the Covid-19 Outbreak

We would like to say thank you to all our customers during this unusual time. Thank you for supporting us over the last months with continuing to order soap refills and those who have made orders using our new online store.
We are now feeling comfortable to open the storefront once again following Provincial and industry guidelines. The store is now open for you to browse and get your much needed comfortable eco-friendly clothing, household soap refills, local body care and any gifts you might need.

During this time Ecotopia will be following these personal safety measures until further notice.

How are we keeping you and our staff safe

• We are limiting to six people at a time in the store, that is including our staff, following physical distancing guidelines.
• Using our discretion we will allow more people in everyone keeping more than 2m apart.
• Please keep 2m(6ft) distance away from staff and other customers.
• We offer touch-less tap payment.
• Disinfecting pay terminal, counters, change-rooms and all other surfaces after use and throughout the day.
• Removing any clothes that have been returned or tried-on from the sales floor for 12-24 hours.
• We have installed a Plexiglas barrier at the payment terminal.
• Staff will wash hands or use hand sanitizer between servicing each customer.
• Hand sanitizer is available for customers at entry and we encourage each customer to us it.
• Please wear a face mask if you have one. We also sell them.
• Please do not enter the store if feeling sick in anyway.
• We offer online/phone ordering plus curbside pickup or home delivery so customers can shop and not feel like they have to come into the store.

Soap Refills

All empty containers will be left on the table at the front of the store. Full bottles will be returned to the table at the front of the store.

Thank you,
Lisa & Martin Pedersen – Owners Ecotopia Naturals

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