Vanilla Silk Shampoo

500ml $9.99   –   1L $18.99   –    Bottle Deposit $1

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Sometimes pampering yourself can be a tricky thing to do. Most commercially-available hair shampoos are laden with unnecessary chemicals that just don’t leave your hair as clean as you would like, not to mention their environmental impact. Pickings can be a little slim, when you are eco-conscious or sensitive to that kind of stuff.

Our Vanilla Silk hair shampoo is both SLS and paraben free, so you don’t have to worry about those nasty chemicals. It is also an extremely mild formulation, so if it happens to get into your eyes, you’ll hardly feel a thing. Like the name implies, Vanilla Silk will leave your hair clean, silky soft and smelling pleasantly of vanilla.

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1L, 500ml

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