Ultra Dry Rinse Aid


Price includes $1 Bottle Deposit

500ml bottle

Soap Exchange Procedure during Covid-19 Pandemic.  We are offering free delivery for all soap exchange items to the Saanich Peninsula.   The prices on the website include the bottle deposit.  You can return the bottles to the store to refill or get the deposit refunded.  We refill any bottle in store.  If you would like to refill but do not wish to visit the store please call 778-426-3088 for options.

As anyone who owns an automatic dishwasher knows, sometimes these oh-so-convenient kitchen helpers need a little extra help in leaving your dishes dry and spot free. Even the best dishwasher detergent can leave your dishes spotty with unrinsed soap, meaning that you either have to run another rinse cycle (and run up your electricity and water bills) or polish the dishes by hand.

Ultra Dry, formerly known as Spot Jet, is a natural rinse aid that helps your automatic dishwasher get your dishes sparkling clean. Ultra Dry is great for households that are on a well-water system, since the minerals naturally present in well-water can also leave spots on your dishes. Since it is natural, Ultra Dry is safe for septic systems, so it is great for your peace of mind.

Ultra Dry is available in 500ml refillable bottles that will go a long way because you don’t need to use very much at all.

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