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Salish Sea Botanicals – SEA Silk Mask


45 gm glass jar
Made in Sidney, BC

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Your skin will absolutely glow from the amazing ingredients in our SEA Silk mask. Comprised of our local mineral and vitamin rich BC seaweed, BC Glacial Clay and Spirulina Algae. Plus a very special Algae cultivated in Sweden, that boasts cleansing, water balancing & UV protection! This mask is formulated with colloidal oatmeal to soften and protect the most sensitive skin. Active ingredient Niacinamide, finishes off the formula offering numerous benefits for skin including reducing hyperpigmentation (spots) and reducing any redness & inflammation.

Key Ingredients: Algica ™, Spirulina algae, Salish Sea Glacial Clay, Salish Seaweed, Niacinamide

This mask is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Aroma: Saline & oat

Directions: Mix 1 teaspoon of mask with 1 Tbsp water or Aloe Vera distillate to form a thin paste. Massage into face gently and avoid eyes. Allow to set and remove when it begins to dry.

*Pro tip- Spritz with Sea Glass toning mist or more water to dampen when it’s begins to dry mask allowing a longer application period.

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