Galiano Fresh Pits Deodorant


Galiano Soap Works from Galiano Island BC

Activated charcoal and magnesium deodorant.

The sensitive skin of your underarms need love and pampering too – you expose them often! Begin your day by nourishing and moisturizing your armpits with our 100% natural cream deodorant made with three stink fighting ingredients packed in soothing and skin conditioning butters. This cream formula has a unique consistency making it spread on easily, and it absorbs quickly and giving your pits a smooth and non greasy feel. Coconut oil and shea butters play the lead role in keeping the skin soft and hydrated, while activated bamboo charcoal, ultra pure magnesium hydroxide and unrefined coconut oil are the active stink arresting ingredients, killing odour causing bacteria, that keep your underarms smelling fresh and dry all day. This is a perfect formula for use on sensitive skin.

Yes, our deodorant contains activated charcoal which is black, but it rubs into the skin leaving no trace of colour behind and doesn’t stain clothing. Simply grab a small amount (about the size of a pea) and rub it into your pits until it disappears. Regulate the correct amount to use – the amount will vary from person to person. If your armpits have a lot of hair you will need to use more.

Be confident that you will be stink free for at least 24 hours with only one application.

We use pure magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide is a natural odour neutralizer and an important mineral for many body functions.

Like all of our other products, we do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals. We don’t use harmful chemicals and this product is vegan.


Cucumber & Honeydew, Unscented, Woodsy

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