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Salish Sea Botanicals – ANCIENT SPIRIT Roller



10 gm glass bottle with roller
Made in Sidney, BC

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This incredible roller captures something for mind, body and spirit. Experience the power and raw beauty of our ancient coastal rain forests. Our special resin was collected from ancient firs (one cored at 970 years old) which also provided habitat and nesting sites for many eagles over the centuries. Indigenous people used the resin for healing purposes and we love it for it’s pain relieving and anti-bacterial properties. The scent is both calming yet enlivening.

Poplar Buds are gathered in the Vancouver island coastal mountains. These are beloved for both their sweet amber balsamic scent and their unique healing properties.

Together these two create a beautiful coastal forest experience that heals the body, mind and spirit.

Breathe in those terpenes! See where they take you.

Roll it on your achy muscles or your temples.

Or just love the unique scent of earth from a different time!

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