Gilmour – Bamboo Modal Crossover Turtleneck


Made in Canada

62% Rayon, 19% Cotton, 13% Modal, 6% Spandex

A standout favourite piece, this cross-over turtleneck is the sweater of your dreams! Super flattering on, and made from super soft modal knit, get it now before it’s gone!

Modal is a type of rayon or pulped cellulose fibre (like bamboo) that is made from beech trees. The type of modal yarns that we use is harvested sustainably without the use of pesticides and uses little water because the trees are known to grow very quickly like bamboo. This fibre is breathable and very absorbent. It’s cool to the touch and so soft which makes it easy to wear. It’s also malleable and non-pilling and is resistant to fading and shrinkage so easy to care for!


Chilli, Coffee, Plum



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