Dryer Balls – Wool


Millstone Farm’s Natural Wool Dryer Balls.

Made in Canada, North Saanich, BC

Pack of 5 Balls

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These dryer balls are made of dye-free felted wool and they come with some pretty amazing benefits:

  • Reduce drying times by up to 50%
  • Will fluff up your clothing
  • Reduce the cost of laundry supplies
  • Can make your clothing smell nice (when used with essential oils or our scented Ultra Fresh Fabric Softener)
  • Are effective at removing static and wrinkles

Dryer sheets are great for eliminating static and wrinkles and making your clothing smell pleasant but having to buy boxes upon boxes of them throughout the year is an expense you don’t have to put up with. Not to mention, they aren’t reusable! These wool dryer balls are fully reusable, all-natural, inexpensive and you can make them scented or unscented as you wish.

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