Mother Daughter – Bar Soap




Made in Victoria BC.

This soap is truly artwork in soap form.  All Mother Daughter artisanal handcrafted soaps are made from scratch in Victoria BC.  Made by hand in small batch, cold process method.  Each bar is approx. 5.5-6 oz. and comes wrapped in eco-friendly recyclable paper. As well as an everyday hand soap this soap is great for dry, irritated skin.


Buddha Bar – neroli, champa, patchouli, rosewood, frankincense & palmarosa
Chocolate Lover – So much chocolate!

Fireside Marshmallow – toasted marshmallow
Flirt – berries, melon & spun sugar
Goddess – grapefruit, bergamont, ylang-ylang, & patchouli

Hot Apple Cider – apple & cinnamon
Lavender Lemongrass – lavender & lemongrass
Persephone’s Kiss – mandarin, orange, melon, blackberry, honey, oak, lavender & jasmine
Pumpkin Caramel Latte – pumpkin caramel latte
Rosemary Mint Poppyseed – mint & rosemary
Rustic Rose – Rustic Rose – rose de mai absolute oil & organic sweet orange
Seaweed Sand & Surf – spearmint, eucalyptus, & peppermint
Sensual Sandalwood – sandalwood
The Peacemaker – patchouli
Tobacco Leaf – musk and dried tobacco leaves
Wild Lavender – lavender
Wild Watermelon – watermelon

certified sustainable palm oil, organic fair-trade shea butter,  and hempseed oil.

Soap Varieties

Apple Sage, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Buddha Bar, Cavalier, Chocolate Lover, Coconut Milk & Cornflowers, Coffee Cake Spice, Cranberry Orange, Fireside Marshmallow, Flirt, Garden Mint Scrub, Goddess, Happy Camper, Hot Apple Cider, Lavender Lemongrass, Lavender Rosemary, Love is Love, Love Letter, Mango Tango, Oat & Honeycomb, Persephones Kiss, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Rise & Shine, Rosemary Mint Poppy, Rustic Rose, Satsuma, Seaweed Sand & Surf, Sensual Sandalwood, Snowdrift, Sweater Weather, The Peacemaker, Thieves Bar, Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla Bourbon, West Coast Rainforest, Wild Lavender, Wild Watermelon, Wildflower

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