Enzymes Organic Odour Digester


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Enzymes Odour Neutralizer/Digestor

Enzyme Odour Digester is a Canadian made odour neutralizer.  It is not a masking agent.  Enzymes are extremely effective on any protein based odours including, but not limited to, cat urine, diaper pails, mould, compost buckets, garbage cans, sandals, shoes, hockey gear, yoga mats, smelly drains, etc.  Enzymes are also excellent “food” for septic tanks and holding tanks as it helps to control odours as well as assists in breaking down solid waste matter.

Enzymes are non-pathogenic (disease bearing) and are safe to use on virtually any porous or non-porous surface including carpets, upholstery, plastic, concrete, vinyl, etc.  When “introduced” (sprayed) onto the problem area, enzymes go to work breaking down and digesting the proteins that are gassing off creating the odour.  Enzymes should not be wiped off and should be allowed to work for at least 24 hours for best results.   Cruelty Free and absolutely no animal based ingredients.

  • Incredible odour digester for all kinds of uses.
  • Digests proteins (rather than masks the source of the odour).
  • Ideal for kitty litter boxes, cat pee/spray, compost buckets, diaper pails, garbage cans, smelly floor and sink drains, gym bags, sandals, etc.
Bottle Size

1L, 500ml

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