Nature Power All Purpose Cleaner


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Soap Exchange Procedure during Covid-19 Pandemic.  We are offering free delivery for all soap exchange items to the Saanich Peninsula.   The prices on the website include the bottle deposit.  You can return the bottles to the store to refill or get the deposit refunded.  We refill any bottle in store.  If you would like to refill but do not wish to visit the store please call 778-426-3088 for options.

Nature Power All Purpose Cleaner

Nature Power all-purpose cleaner is a Canadian made highly concentrated citrus base general purpose cleaner that is safe for use on virtually any surface.  Diluted at a ratio of 30 parts water to 1 part product, Nature Power can be used on countertops, refrigerators, ovens, floors, walls, bikes (including chains), car interiors, upholstery, carpets, clothes, etc. Any situation that requires the cleaning /removal of greases, oils and fats.  It is also very effective on mirrors and can even be used on fabric (i.e. salad oil stain on your favourite shirt) as it is colour and fabric safe. Nature Power’s main active ingredient is called d’limonene which is an extract derived from the peel of orange, lime and grapefruit.

As it is naturally alkaline in nature, it is very effective at emulsifying most greases, oils and fats.  It is colour and fabric safe and works well at removing salad oil stains, bike chain grease, cooking splashes, etc.  When using  it on floors, only one ounce per gallon of water is required and it will not leave a film when used at this dilution ratio.  It is safe to use on granite, cultured stone, quartz and marble and will not stain or etch surfaces. It is also Septic Tank Safe/Holding Tank Safe and contains not petroleum based solvents or dyes.  Cruelty Free and absolutely no animal based ingredients. Natural Citrus based (contains d’limonene) extremely concentrated all purpose cleaner.

One 500 ml (16oz) bottle makes 16 bottles (500 ml) of cleaner.

Why pay for water when you can add it yourself?

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1L, 500ml

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